The Story So Far…

For starters, we invite you to read an interview with our Editor in Chief from Spring 2019 over at Do Some Damage.

In early 2019, our founding editors took a hard look at our country, our lives, our world, and the works we were reading, writing, and consuming, and something strong and sharp hit us in the pits of our stomachs. Things aren’t okay right now. Pretending that they are makes things even worse. The gut-wrenching struggles we face and watch each other face are more present, more heartbreaking, more pungent, more urgent than they’ve ever been before. Desperation, oppression, imbalances of power, systemic imprisonment, class warfare, racism, and other modern sins grow stronger and more visible every day…and the temptation to accept all of it as the high cost of living is too real.

We wanted to tell stories of people struggling against the weight of horrific injustice, rotten luck, their own bad decisions…and what happens next—how they fought back, or succumbed to their fates. We wanted a place for these stories to live.

All three of us are writers in different media—we’ve published short stories, plays, novels, and more, and we work in communications in one form or another in our day jobs. We wanted to create a place for these stories to be told, but also for our creators to communicate with one another, collaborate on future works, learn from each other, and stay in contact as a “class” of contributors published together. To this end, we’ve constructed a Discord Server for each issue’s contributors to interact and engage with one another; we have some wild ideas for collaborative storytelling using this tool and other means that will be available soon.

So we raised funds to prepare; we created our guidelines, and we opened submissions, expecting 30 or so of our friends and colleagues would submit, and we’d publish 10 or so solid contributions.

What you sent us was an embarrassment of riches.

We received 160 submissions, and we’re still stunned at the quality and breadth of the work we read. These submissions challenged us, enraged us, bruised us, delighted us, and made us wild with excitement to publish our first issue, which dropped at the end of summer 2019, with work from 20 contributors.

We’re in the process of publicizing Issue One, building out our team for Issue Two, and making exciting, slightly crazy plans for the future.

We can’t wait. We hope you’ll join us.